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Paulson recently released a brand new training program on Thin Sheet (roll-fed) Thermoforming. This is a process that has been woefully under-served when it comes to employee training options for the thermoforming industry.

Up to now, the 2 main options available to thermoformers are seminars/consultants and on-the-job training.

Thermoformed PartsThermoforming is a growing industry. Products made using thin sheet thermoforming include clamshells, containers, lids, trays, disposable cups, blisters, and other products for the food, medical, and general retail industries.

Thermoforming plants go through a lot of plastic material. And they can make a lot of scrap in a very short amount of time when things go wrong. Depending on the end-product, thermoforming companies make thousands of finished parts per hour. So having skilled thermoforming production staff is critical.

In most cases, both scrap parts and the excess plastic trimmed from the finished product can be reused. However, there is a cost involved with that, particularly for the scrap parts. You’ve lost the machine time needed to produce them so you need to pay for that again and you have to find the scrap parts to begin with. That costs money too. It goes without saying that a scrapped part is not a profitable part.

Our thermoforming training program (see sample below) has gotten a very strong reception so far. Although the type of training that we do, interactive computer based or online delivery, is new to the thermoforming industry, our customers are immediately seeing the benefits of have a formalized, structured thermoforming training program in-house.

When this training is implemented using best-practices, the company can be assured of having a steady supply of well-trained thermoforming technicians available on-demand.

Thin sheet thermoforming is an $8 billion dollar a year industry in the United States and growing. As the industry grows, more skilled workers will be needed. Most of them will probably not have lot of thermoforming experience.

Imagine being able to take someone from entirely different industry, skilled or unskilled, and turning them into a skill thermoforming technician in six or so months.

This is exactly what injection molders, extrusion companies and extrusion blow molding companies have been doing for years with Paulson training products.

Being free of the industry-wide skilled worker shortage in the plastics industry is a good place to be in. It makes you much more competitive and reduces the headaches associated with finding, hiring and training employees the old fashioned way.

If you’re interested in having state-of-the-art training system in place for 2016, we have a special introductory offer available on our thin sheet thermoforming course. Call us at 1-800-826-1901, email to or fill out the “Request Information” form on our website.

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