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Welcome to Paulson’s Support Center. You’ll find a number of resources here to help you resolve problems, report bugs, and download instructions to help you get the most out of your training.

Whichever method you choose, customer support from Paulson Training Programs is FREE and ready to help you maximize your plastics training program.

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*IMPORTANT MESSAGE: DVD-based training is no longer supported, due to the end of Adobe Flash. For assistance, please contact us immediately 800-826-1901.*

Frequently Asked Questions:

When I start Deliver and try to play a lesson, an error comes up, “# of licenses has been exceeded”.

This happens when a user does not exit a lesson properly (must use “exit” button). To correct the problem, do the following: 1. Open Track Pro 2. Click on “View”tab 3. Go to bottom “View Student Network Status” 4. Highlight students name and click Logout.

NOTE: For a permanent fix, download this file extract the contents. You will see a file called README.txt follow the instructions in this file.

Where do admin rights need to be given?

Admin rights need to be given to the CourseWorks 7 install folder and all sub-folders on the server computer.  (The user needs to be able to read, write, erase and modify the database.) NOTE: Make sure the following files are NOT read-only on the server computer. iact.ini / logindb.accdb  / db folder and all files in it

How do I copy my database from one computer to another computer?

Physically copy the database (iprxdb.accdb) to somewhere on new PC then in TrackPro, go to the Database pull-down menu and use the Attach to Database function.  You can use this function to toggle back and forth between databases.  Just remember that whatever database you are currently attached to is where any current training data will go.

My Exit button doesn’t show up.

The Exit button does not show up in the Pretest.  You have to get to the main lesson before it shows up.

How do I install Courseworks on the server if I don’t have a cd-rom drive on the server?

CourseWorks (Access and SQL both) cannot be installed over a network.  You will need to copy the contents of the CD to the server hard drive and install from there.

I lost/forgot my password, how do I recover it?

For security reasons we can’t tell you how to do that here. Please call the tech support department at 860-526-3099 and we will be happy to help you.

When I try to play a lesson, I keep getting an error saying I should try installing video codecs.

There is a folder on the Coursework 7 disk that says Codecs.  Install the following 2 codecs by double-clicking on the file.

codinstl v4_v5.exe / iv5setup.exe

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Cynthia Miller

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