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SimTech™ is a powerful, cost-effective injection molding machine simulator that easily bridges the gap between training courses of all kinds and your production floor.

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The SimTech™ Injection Molding Machine Simulator will…

  • A Web-based closed-loop injection molding machine simulator
  • Run 10 practice cycles in the same time it would take to run 1 one cycle on a real machine. All control adjustments (including temperature) reflected immediately
  • Quickly and dramatically increase your employee’s molding knowledge and skills
  • Provide your employees with comprehensive at-the-machine skills training
  • Link the learning of scientific injection molding techniques with real world application of those techniques on your production floor
  • Let your employees test for themselves all of the training presented in the Paulson injection molding library.

flight-simulatorJust like airline pilots rely on flight simulators for the majority of their training, you can now rely on SimTech™ to give your personnel valuable experience running an injection molding machine simulator – without wasting machine time, plastic, or risking damage to the machine and mold.

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Very informative. You will understand how material affects molding!

Cynthia Miller

“Great, excellent, easy-to-use, interesting, challenging, engaging, organized, informative, helpful, solutions oriented, accurate, effective, flexible, confidence building and worthwhile.”

John W. Stebelton

“Paulson has built confidence, a sense of accomplishment & pride in our workers, something they can take to the floor and apply!”

Gene Shuret


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Take part in our FREE series of monthly technical webinars. You’ll get an insiders view into how amazing SimTech is in helping you learn the best practices of injection molding. (View recorded versions here.) These dynamic webinars are chock-full of critical content that will help you become a more confident molder. Sign Up TODAY!

Featured Webinar: “Getting to Know SimTech

Explore and understand how SimTech operates. Get an insiders look with our senior instructor Todd Bryant. He’ll walk you through key molding scenarios and provide helpful tips. Watch today.

Molding problems included in SimTech™:

  • Burn marks
  • Sink marks
  • Weld lines
  • Voids
  • Dimensional variations
  • Flash
  • Warp
  • Short shots
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After learning how to solve these molding problems, your employees will then move on to reducing cycle time. They will be able to immediately apply concepts learned in the Paulson web-based or DVD-based training and their SimTech problem solving to getting the absolute most out of every second of cycle time to make good parts.

Already using SimTech but need to review our Step-by-Step Users Guide? Review and download the .pdf here.

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