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Webinar: How to Optimize Molding Set-Ups with SimTech

Part of a monthly series of FREE webinars: How to Optimize Molding Set-Ups with SimTech™: Process good quality parts every time with key optimization strategies and learn how optimization translates to actual dollars saved. We’ll show you how.

Date: July 27, 2020 – Live-streaming
Time: 2pm (EST)
Duration: Less than an hour

In this FREE webinar, we’ll show you how a more efficient injection molding process can dramatically improve your bottom line. Using Paulson’s powerful online injection molding simulation tool SimTech, our senior instructor, Todd Bryant, will walk you through best practices of machine set-ups. He’ll demonstrate, in real-time, Paulson’s proven scientific molding method utilizing the “4 Plastic Variables” as he applies each variable to the simulated part being processed. Understanding these principles will help you become a more confident molder and save you thousands of dollars back at the plant.

Take advantage of this FREE webinar to see how this dynamic learning tool can transform the way your team trains. 

Topics covered include:

  • How to optimize melt temperature to the lowest temperature while maintaining a good part.
  • How to optimize plastic flow rate to achieve the fastest fill speed while maintaining a quality part.
  • How to optimize plastic packing pressure to determine the “best” packing pressure.
  • How to optimize plastic cooling rate to reduce cooling time and overall cycle time.

Join in to discover how training with SimTech can bring you practical thinking skills to tackle any molding problem that will increase your plants efficiencies and profitability. 

Plus, it’s FREE.

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