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Webinar: What Problems Can Blocking Cavities Have on Part Properties

What Problems Can Blocking Cavities Have on Part Properties?

Many molders have been told not to block cavities because doing so creates part problems. However, in a real-world production-floor environment we know there are times when a cavity needs to be blocked off. But when? And why? And why have molders been told not to block cavities and keep running the mold? In this webinar, we’ll answer those questions and more and talk about best practices in running the mold. We’ll explore what happens to the cavity balance of a mold once cavities are blocked and review important techniques you can employ to develop an optimized process without blocked cavities.

Join us for this month’s FREE webinar and learn how a more efficient injection molding process can dramatically improve your bottom line. Using Paulson’s powerful online injection molding simulation tool SimTech and sharing some real-world scenarios, our senior instructor, Todd Bryant, will show you key scientific molding principles that will help you achieve optimum processing. He’ll walk you through an in-depth demonstration using SimTech on how to develop an optimized process without blocked cavities. 

Key takeaways:

  • Review multi cavity molds and understand the cavity balance of a mold
  • Explore scenarios when a molder may need to block off a cavity along with the do’s and don’ts
  • Gain insights into the issue with shot size, VPT (switchover), and residence time on the material when blocking cavities
  • Learn strategies to create a repeatable, systematic process, for a consistent and profitable on-going molding job
  • Know which process variables to focus on during process development to assure profitability 
  • Analyze the process from the four “plastic variables” point of view

Join in to discover how training can bring you practical thinking skills to tackle any molding problem that will increase your plants efficiencies and profitability. 

Plus! It’s FREE.


Special Guest: Donald C. Paulson

2021 Plastics Hall of Fame Inductee(read more here), Donald Paulson is the founder and chairman of Paulson Training Programs, Inc. and the creator of the now widely accepted method of teaching plastic processing from the “Plastics Point of View”. Don will join this webinar and give his valuable insight into how science based molding principles can make all the difference in processing plastic.  An experience you won’t want to miss.

Visit our webinar page to register for this webinar and upcoming topics. Also, gain access to previously recorded webinars. There’s a wealth of knowledge from Paulson all at your fingertips!

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