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Free Webinar – Scientific Molding with SimTech

Learn the science behind molding using interactive lessons with SimTech.

cientific injection molding (SIM) is the practical application of the laws of physics as they apply to molded part properties. To understand molding as a science you must first discard the idea that the machine control settings determine plastic part properties. Part properties, whether good parts or rejects, are determined by just four conditions, the melt temperature, the plastic flow rate in the mold, the pressure of the plastic in the mold and the cooling rate in the mold.

The key to understanding plastic processing is to understand how each of these “four basic variables” affect the plastic and how changes in plastic behavior affect molded parts. 

In this FREE webinar, our senior instructor Todd Bryant will show you the science behind the plastic using Paulson’s powerful injection molding simulation tool SimTech. SimTech is an online learning tool that provides a cost-effective way for injection molding technicians and machine operators to practice machine set-ups and solve molded part problems without risk to the mold, wasting material, or damage to the machine. With molding simulation you can practice and refine your skills in a variety of different molding scenarios that will immediately expand your molding capabilities.

In this webinar, each participant will gain a solid understanding of how this dynamic learning tool can transform the way your team trains.

  • Learn how to accurately gauge the capabilities of molding machines, molds, and auxiliary equipment in order to achieve consistent operations 
  • Understand processing from the “Plastics Point of View” so you know which machine controls to adjust and which ones to ignore 
  • Understand how the four basic variables determine final part properties, good or bad
  • Have time to ask the instructor your questions
  • Video: Watch a quick SimTech Intro Video

Join in to discover how SimTech can bring you practical thinking skills to tackle any molding problem that can make all the difference on the plant floor. Plus, it’s FREE.

Have more questions? Call one of our knowledgeable training specialists at 800-826-1901. 

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