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Webinar: Learn the Science Behind the Four Plastic Variables with SimTech

In this FREE webinar you’ll learn exactly how the four plastic variables are affected by the machine controls. And BONUS! Paulson Training founder and veteran plastics educator, Don Paulson, joins the webinar as a guest speaker. He talks about his experience conducting research at the General Motors Research Institute that lead to the industry’s revolutionary move away from injection molding as an “art” to a more accurate approach as a “science.”

Despite the numerous different controls on an injection molding machine the plastic itself can only “feel” four effects; pressure, temperature, flow rate and cooling rate. All of the many molding machine controls affect one or more of these variables. Using our molding simulation tool, SimTech, our Senior Instructor, Todd Bryant, will demonstrate how the primary machine controls affect the four variables. A processor who can analyze the process from the plastics point of view can quickly solve any molding problem, regardless of the machine or plastic type. We’ll show you how.

Take advantage of the FREE webinar to become a better problem solver as a processor.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding how the different machine controls affect the four plastic variables
  • Where a machine control affects two or more of the four variables, which is the dominant effect and why
  • How to use plastic behavior to your advantage when optimizing the molding process
  • How to problem solve from the plastics point of view

Listen in on this FREE webinar to learn and apply molding techniques that will dramatically change the way you process.

Plus! It’s FREE.

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