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Webinar: Learn Key Troubleshooting Strategies and Mold Better Parts

This month’s topic, in our SimTech™ series of webinars, is learning key injection molding and troubleshooting strategies to mold better parts. Injection molding is a lot like other areas of life in that things go smoother when you create a plan and execute it. Every time you step up to the control panel you should have a plan of attack. Of course that plan may vary whether you’re solving a problem during a routine production run or you’re starting up a cold machine.

We believe that looking at the process from the plastic’s point of view is the foundation to all molding strategies. All machine controls affect one or more of the four plastic processing variables. So our entire approach, from starting up a machine for a production run to problem solving an existing run is to examine the situation from the plastics point of view.

Key Take Aways Include:

  • Understanding how the different machine controls affect the four plastic variables

  • Developing a repeatable strategy for each process operation

  • How to use plastic behavior to your advantage when optimizing the molding


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Special Guest: Donald C. Paulson

Newly inducted into the 2021 Plastics Hall of Fame(read more here), Donald Paulson is the founder and chairman of Paulson Training Programs, Inc. and the creator of the now widely accepted method of teaching plastic processing from the “Plastics Point of View”. Don will join this webinar and give his personal account of his years of research with the General Motors Institute that lead to transforming injection molding from an art to a science. An experience you won’t want to miss.

Visit our webinar page to register for this webinar and upcoming topics. Also, gain access to previously recorded webinars. There’s a wealth of knowledge from Paulson all at your fingertips!

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