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Webinar: How to Apply Kaizen to Increase Profits and Goals – Part One

If you’re a plant supervisor seeking to optimize your operations, have you considered introducing Kaizen? Sometimes big improvements come by way of small and continuous incremental changes, which is what Kaizen is all about. 

Join us for the first of a two-part FREE webinar series discussing the benefits of incorporating Kaizen into your manufacturing operations. Using Paulson’s powerful online injection molding simulation tool SimTech, our senior instructor, Todd Bryant, will demonstrate how this approach can reap significant productivity improvements leading to increased profitability. You’ll learn which process variables to focus on and how to problem solve from the “Plastics Point of View”, as well as a few more strategies all in the name of helping you go further in your business.

Key Take Aways:

  • Understand the basics of the philosophy of Kaizen – using small incremental steps to implement change.
  • Learn to apply these “small step” techniques to the fast-paced world of injection molding.
  • Contain and reduce costs by using Kaizen
  • Improve quality by utilizing Kaizen
  • How Kaizen can lead to increased sales.
  • See how Kaizen’s small incremental changes can develop an optimized process in real-time by using Paulson’s injection molding simulator SimTech
  • Conclude with ROI calculator to demonstrate the financial impact of small changes (leading to larger profits)

Listen in on this FREE webinar and learn how to apply science based molding techniques paired with Kaizen strategies that will dramatically change the way you process.

Plus! It’s FREE.

Our webinar series are designed to help you discover how training can bring you practical thinking skills to tackle any molding problem that will increase your plants efficiencies and profitability. 


Special Guest: Donald C. Paulson

2021 Plastics Hall of Fame Inductee(read more here), Donald Paulson is the founder and chairman of Paulson Training Programs, Inc. and the creator of the now widely accepted method of teaching plastic processing from the “Plastics Point of View”. Don will join this webinar and give his valuable insight into how science based molding principles can make all the difference in processing plastic.  An experience you won’t want to miss.

Visit our webinar page to register for this webinar and upcoming topics. Also, gain access to previously recorded webinars. There’s a wealth of knowledge from Paulson all at your fingertips!

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