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Webinar: How the Four Plastic Variables Work Together

Learn how the Four Plastic Variables work together. Understanding this concept is the key to scientific molding.

In this webinar, we’ll review the four steps of the molding cycle and demonstrate how they work together. Our webinar host and expert instructor will walk you through a set of molding scenarios utilizing molding simulation that best illustrate how the four plastic variables affect part properties. We’ll show the effects of the machine controls on the plastic conditions and you’ll learn when one machine control is changed it usually affects more than one of the four basic plastic variables. The change could be minor and can be ignored or it might be significant affecting the part properties. These changes in part properties can be confusing to the molder because the change in one machine setting might be changing two or even three of the plastic variables. Remember, it’s not the machine settings that determine part properties, it’s the plastic conditions. So, the goal in learning science-based molding is to control the plastic conditions using the machine settings.

Topics covered include:

  • What affect the machine controls have on the plastic conditions
  • Best operating practices and how that’s achieved by incorporating science based molding concepts
  • Learning science based molding to control the plastic conditions using SimTech™


In this FREE webinar you will see techniques that can dramatically change the way you mold.


Special Guest: Donald C. Paulson

2021 Plastics Hall of Fame Inductee(read more here), Donald Paulson is the founder and chairman of Paulson Training Programs, Inc. and the creator of the now widely accepted method of teaching plastic processing from the “Plastics Point of View”. Don will join this webinar and give his personal account of his years of research with the General Motors Institute that lead to transforming injection molding from an art to a science. An experience you won’t want to miss.

Visit our webinar page to register for this webinar and upcoming topics. Also, gain access to previously recorded webinars. There’s a wealth of knowledge from Paulson all at your fingertips!

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