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Roll-Fed Thermoforming Training Announced

Mark Strachan Thermoforming Consultant
Mark Strachan

Thermoforming Training for Roll-Fed (Thin Gauge) Thermoforming Manufacturers

See the the complete YouTube Playlist for our brand new Thin Sheet Thermoforming training program. Now thin sheet (roll-fed) thermoformers have an up-to-date, customizable training program to start employee thermoforming training in their plants that can run 24/7 with no supervision required. The training runs itself and your managers and/or HR personnel can review comprehensive employee training reports on their schedule.

Thin-Gauge Thermoforming is a six-lesson training program, available on either CD, DVD or online.

At the end of the thin gauge thermoforming course your employees will know the function of each component of the thermoforming line, the behavior of plastics during thermoforming, sheet extrusion fundamentals, optimizing thermoforming operating controls, safety around thermoforming equipment and how to maximize efficiency, productivity and profits. Lessons in thin-gauge thermoforming also cover mold design, heating the sheet and part trimming and finishing. See the announcement regarding this new training course on the Plastics News website.
This interactive program is available in the following formats:

  • On your local area network (LAN)
  • Online through your internet browser
  • On your mobile devices (Apple iOS and Android)
  • Smartphones

Mark Strachan (pictured above), our lead technical consultant for this Thermoforming program, is THE top trainer and consultant in the thermoforming industry.Thermoforming Training Programs


Announcement on our Facebook page…

“Paulson Training is very happy to announce the release of our brand new 10 hour interactive training program on Thin Sheet Thermoforming…”

Posted by Paulson Training Programs, Inc. on Monday, May 18, 2015

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