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SEPTEMBER SimTech Challenge Winners Posted.

Results of the SEPTEMBER SimTech™ Challenge – 

TOP Monthly Molder Goes to Joey Hall of MCM for the SEPTEMBER SimTech™ Injection Molding Challenge. Way to go Joey!

***In case you missed it, Paulson SimTech Challenges made the NEWS! Check out the full page feature in Plastics News here.

SEPTEMBER SimTech™ Challenge Wrap Up

Another round of Paulson’s high-powered SimTech Injection Molding Challenges has concluded with a record number of participants, and we’re happy to announce the September winners. Our top Molder this month goes out to Joey Hall of MCM! Congratulations Joey! Not far behind him is, Francisco Rafael of Infinite Electronics for second, and coming in 3rd is Luke Snyder of Windsor Mold Group, a former monthly Top Molder!

Well done everyone. The competition this round was fierce. Only 1094 parts separated the First Place winner from the 30th Place challenger. That’s a tiny margin considering a competition consisting of around 25,000 parts.

Francisco is a new winner and will receive the top monthly prize of $500 of Paulson Credit towards any Paulson product. Having maxed out their eligibility for prizes for the year, Joey and Luke can still earn points towards the Grand Prize of $6,000 worth of training from Paulson!  (They’ve each won all three prize categories this year so far.)

Here’s the winning breakdown:

SEPTEMBER Challenge top placement Winners – TOP 3 MOLDERS

Competitors who earned the title of SEPTEMBER’S TOP INJECTION MOLDERS:

1st Joey Hall  – MCM 

2nd Francisco Rafael – Infinite Electronics

3rd Luke Snyder – Windsor Mold Group (A former Monthly TOP Molder)



First Prize: Francisco Rafael – Infinite Electronics – ($500 training credit from Paulson) 

Second Prize: Josh Stall – Sonoco – (wins hat & $300 training credit from Paulson)

Third Prize: Eric Convenido – Johnson & Johnson – ($200 training credit from Paulson)

Congratulations to our winners and all who participated! Well done! The more you increase your knowledge and practice applying that knowledge, the better you will become at solving any processing problems that come your way.

**Winners & Prizes Explained

You’ll note our TOP MOLDERS and PRIZE winners for the month are different. Why? In order to give everyone an opportunity to win a prize and keep things fair, we’re limiting the monthly prize wins. Once you achieve FIRST PLACE, you cannot claim another monthly prize again for the year. If you won SECOND or THIRD PLACE, you can still work your way up to FIRST and claim the top spot. If you’re not eligible to win the monthly prizes again, it doesn’t mean you can’t compete. You can still accumulate points to win the GRAND PRIZE of $6,000 worth of training from Paulson to be announced at the end of the year. So keep participating!

To learn more about our monthly SimTech Molding Challenges visit details here.  And for the PRIZES? Read the information here for details on the awards and rules of play. To see how you or your fellow molders ranked this month, check out the leader board by clicking here and choose ‘SEPTEMBER 2020’ from the drop down menu.

Get ready for the next Challenge. Take advantage and pre-signup. Don’t miss out. Get on the list to win! Until then, keep on learning!

Having Fun with our Competitions?

Imagine the team of skilled molders you could create if SimTech was in your plant 24-7? Your employees could be improving their molding expertise in a safe, low-cost environment, building critical thinking and troubleshooting skills. And you can stage your own friendly in-house competitions.  It’s proven, molding simulation is the best and most cost-effective way to become a better molder. You don’t want your employees making their mistakes or trying new techniques on the production floor at an actual machine—now that’s a costly way to learn. The simulation of complex processes is quickly becoming the gold standard of skill development. SimTech is the answer for injection molding.

Here’s just a few of the applications you can employ with SimTech:

  • Hiring Qualified Employees – Before hiring a potential employee, test their knowledge and skills with problem solving exercises in Simtech.
  • Technician Promotion – Give your candidates for promotion a test before you make that decision.
  • In-plant Competitions to promote learning and discussion – Have your own competitions amongst your team. Have a discussion on what process settings work and why.

Just hearing about this? Want to join in on all the fun? Sign up and learn more here.

To learn more about SimTech and all the other skill development courses Paulson offers, visit or call 1-800-826-1901; or contact us via email

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