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Plastics Training Program Customizations

Paulson custom learning solutions

Recent question from one of our customers…


Can I customize my Paulson injection molding training programs?


Yes. All Paulson courses are customizable. For our CD/DVD based courses, we utilize our years of plastics training program development experience to help injection molding trainers, extrusion trainers, blow molding trainers, etc. with their customization needs.

What can be customized? You can insert your own graphics, diagrams, pictures, audio, video and even custom questions specific to your plant. We will also help you develop supplementary training materials such as checklists and training schedules. What you end up with is a customized training program tailored specifically to your plant’s needs. It works equally well for injection molders, extrusion plants, extrusion blow molders – virtual any company processing plastic.

Want to develop a plastics apprenticeship system? Paulson courses are the perfect foundation for this. With an apprenticing system in place. you can assure your company of having a continuous source of expert injection molders or extrusion technicians – you will effectively be “growing your own”.

Apprenticships require more than one teaching method. You’ll need to use what’s called a “blended” learning model. This incorporates interactive courseware, injection molding machine simulator time, classroom instruction and of course, at-the-machine training. You’ll also want to consider sending key personnel outside to seminars. At Paulson, we give a series of scientific molding certification seminars through the Paulson Plastics Academy. Discounts are available if you are already a Paulson customer.

We recommend that you use the “off-the-shelf” training for 6 months or so before proceeding with your customization. This will give you a better idea of what exactly you want in your finished program.

So by all means, take advantage of customization. It will enhance your training program immensely.

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