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PET Material – (PET-ISBM)


Polyethylene terephthalate, usually referred to as PET, is the most common plastic used for many injection blow molded packaging goods. Paulson’s comprehensive, interactive training course on PET – Injection Stretch Blow Molding Process, teaches the PET processor the characteristics of PET and how to efficiently and safely process it.

Train your production personnel, supervisors and managers, material handlers, set-up and quality control personnel to understand the basics of PET technology, plastic behavior, and common problem solving situations.

Library of Interactive Courseware

Understanding PET Material and the Injection Stretch Blow Molding Process (PET-ISBM)

 PET ISBM Technology

The knowledge base our technicians are gaining from the Paulson extrusion program is helping to reduce our scrap rate.

Tom Mims

I took (another training company) training a while ago and compared to that training, this was 10 times better. It is information you can actually use in your plant right away.

Tim Funk

Excellent Course! It increased my understanding of molding and problem solving 200%!

Roy Duff


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