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Paulson Plastics Academy 2014 Seminar Schedule Announced

For Immediate Release – November 13, 2013

Craig Paulson, President, Paulson Training Programs
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Paulson Training Programs Announces Paulson Plastics Academy 2014 Seminar Schedule

Paulson injection molding seminars


Chester, CT (November 13, 2013) . . . Paulson Training Programs has announced its 2014 injection molding seminar schedule. The 2014 schedule can be found on the Paulson Plastics Academy website at  Paulson Training will conduct more courses in 2014 than at any time in its history, with 28 seminars currently scheduled throughout the US and Canada.  The Paulson Plastics Academy offers three different seminars for injection molders: ProMolder™ 1, ProMolder™ 2, and Managing a Molding Plant. Over 300 plastics professionals were certified through the Plastics Academy in 2013.

ProMolder™ 1 teaches the science of injection molding “from the plastic’s point of view” using the Paulson developed “4 variables approach” to understanding plastics behavior during the molding cycle. ProMolder 1 is a 4-day seminar which includes injection molding machine simulator lessons using Paulson’s SimTech simulation software as well as hands-on machine time. Successful graduates receive their Paulson ProMolder 1 Certification. This certification has already been earned by hundreds of injection molding professionals. ProMolder 1 certification is a widely recognized credential that will put the successful graduate among the elite of injection molders in the country. Plastics Academy offers three different injection molding seminars: ProMolder™ 1, ProMolder™ 2, and Managing a Molding Plant. Over 300 plastics professionals were certified through the Plastics Academy in 2013.

ProMolder™ 2 is a 5-day classroom and hands-on injection molding technology seminar. This course builds on the knowledge that ProMolder 1 graduates have learned and takes their molding expertise to a much higher level.  ProMolder 2 teaches the science behind part quality, optimizing the process and part defect troubleshooting. ProMolder 2 also gives attendees plenty of hands-on machine time in addition to simulation lessons using SimTech. The prerequisite for ProMolder 2 is successful completion of ProMolder 1. Alternatively, prospect students can take an online qualification test to be accepted into ProMolder 2 seminars.

Paulson hands on injection molding seminars

Managing a Molding Plant is a 2-day seminar that teaches the business behind the management of a molding plant. The course identifies in detail the cost drivers that exist in every injection molding plant. It is these cost-drivers that ultimately determine profitability. It will also teach specific methodologies and systems of increasing efficiency in your plant and making sure these systems stay in place.

“We are excited about the 2014 Plastics Academy schedule. It represents the growing demand by companies looking for verifiable knowledge and skills in the injection molding industry”, said Craig Paulson, President of Paulson Training Programs. “Paulson certified injection molders are an elite, educated group who are positioned to make significant positive impacts on their companies’ performance and enhance overall productivity. Every injection molding company can benefit from our popular, vendor-neutral, industry standard seminars.”



 Headquartered in Chester, Connecticut, Paulson Training Programs provides a broad range of in-plant interactive courses, world-wide e-learning solutions and Paulson expert-led seminars to help injection molders, extrusion companies, blow molders, part designers and many other plastics professionals in the industry grow and compete on a global scale. It has always been our goal to provide convenient

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