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Paulson Presents at IM&D Show

Paulson Presents

Gain Troubleshooting & Training Strategies Plastic Professionals can Take to Achieve Profit Goals

For some plastic processors, improving machine output by 10 percent seems more like a pipe dream than a reality. But what if we shared some of our key training strategies that could help you achieve this goal and more?

Be sure to catch this live presentation at the Injection Molding & Design Conference held in Novi, MI September 20-21, 2023 and learn how a more efficient injection molding process can dramatically improve your bottom line. Using Paulson’s powerful online injection molding simulation tool SimTech and sharing some real-world scenarios, our senior instructor, Todd Bryant, will present on the 20th at 3pm., and will show you key scientific molding principles that will help you achieve optimum processing. He’ll share key strategies that can help you increase production capacity per machine, per year. 

Plus! Visit our team in our booth#707 and learn more how solid training can transform your team’s skill-set so your company can produce excellent quality parts. 

Key takeaways:

  • Gain an understanding of how to create a repeatable, systematic process for a consistent and profitable on-going molding job.
  • Know which process variables to focus on during process development to assure profitability. 
  • Analyze the process from the four “plastic variables” point of view.
  • How to problem solve from the plastics point of view.
  • How to analyze the process outputs using an ROI (Return on Investment) calculator to verify profitablility.

Learn more about the Injection Molding & Design Conference by clicking here.


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