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Welcome to our Membership Page.

We’ve partnered with the best industry associations and companies to help enrich your training experience. Here you’ll gain access to member benefits and learn more about advantages you can enjoy through our partner connections.

Want to Partner with Us?

Choosing the right plastics training provider for your company is a big decision. Not all training is created equal. If you want a robust curriculum used by thousands of plastics processors worldwide, Paulson should be on your shortlist. No one has trained more plastics professionals than Paulson. Partner with us!


Registered-RGB-spe-logo-greenBlackNo-Text-copyIf you’re a member, like we are, of MAPP’s or SPE, then learn more about our special membership offers. Visit our SPE page and MAPP’s page for more details.





Training Facility Partners

For our instructor-led, hands-on technical seminars, we’ve partnered with the following exceptional companies and technical institutions to offer you an optimum learning environment. Each of these state-of-the-art facilities include the best machines available to give you an unbeatable class room and on-the-machine learning experience.



Plastics Manufacturing Companies that implement a complete employee plastics processing training system have:

  • Increased productivity over plastics manufacturers that rely on “on-the-job” training
  • Reduced employee turnover because over 90% of trained personnel are more “more satisfied” with their jobs
  • Increased efficiency and productivity resulting in sustainable higher profits
  • Employees with a decreased need for supervision
  • The ability to “create” skilled workers on-demand by putting them through a proven, industry-standard plastics training and development program. These companies are largely unaffected by the serious skilled labor shortage in the plastics industry.

Plastics Production Floor Employees who are fully trained:

  • Are more satisfied with their jobs
  • Are more self-motivated to do a better job and more likely to want continuous learning to further improve
  • Have lower turnover rates compared to employees at companies that do not formally train
  • Are more innovative, efficient and self-reliant. Problem solving gets naturally pushed down to lower levels freeing up supervisor’s time for higher priority responsibilities.
  • Stop engaging in “putting out fires” day in and day out

To empower your work force.


Very informative. You will understand how material affects molding!

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“Paulson has built confidence, a sense of accomplishment & pride in our workers, something they can take to the floor and apply!”

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