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Opening Up The Bullseye

Employees are no longer throwing darts in terms of troubleshooting problems once they have completed Paulson Training Programs Interactive Training.

Emerald Graphics, Plymouth, WI

Screen printing, Die cutting, Thermoforming, Injection molding, In-mold decorating, Paint & laser etch, Print & laser etch, & Large format painting – Emerald Graphics has been in business under their current name since 2002. They employ approximately 75 people (plus another 30 at their sister facility in Kentwood, MI) and injection mold parts primarily for the automotive (interior parts) and appliance (buttons/knobs) industries.

Emerald Graphics feels that its mission will only be met by focusing on continually improving their processes. They recognize that to do this they must find innovative ways to meet and exceed their customer’s expectations. One such innovation was to purchase & implement Paulson injection  molding training programs for every employee. From human resources and accounting to production, quality inspection, and shipping, all personnel are familiar with the injection molding process. The resulting improvements in operator understanding, scrap rates, and communications between employees have been exceptional.

“The Paulson Training programs have helped our company on every level. All employees have, at a minimum, the basic understanding of the injection molding process. Our inspectors, team leaders, and operators have the ability to visualize what is going on inside the injection molding machine and our setup technicians now know the effects of changes in temperature & pressure settings and can get the mold running more quickly and efficiently.”

Some of the benefits of the Paulson interactive training at Emerald are outlined below.

A view inside the machine – The Paulson programs help Emerald’s operator level employees to have a much greater understanding of what is going on inside the machine.

Decrease in set up & troubleshooting – The set up technicians gain the power to visualize what happens when a change is made to the injection molding machine. According to Brain Heus, Process Engineer, “Employees are no longer throwing darts at a problem in terms of troubleshooting – especially at setup. They gain a better understanding of what to target first. It ‘opens up the bullseye’ for them”.

Decreased scrap rates – A direct result of the decrease in setup and troubleshooting time
Self-propelled learning – “An interesting effect that the program has is the element of human nature that is competitive,” stated Heus. “The employees talk amongst themselves, compare scores after a test and strive to be the best. They look at the ones they got wrong and make sure they understand why. All this is happens as a result of human nature without any prodding from management.”

Increased quality – The product inspectors and team leaders often come to the company without injection molding experience. After completing the Paulson training methods, they to pick up on quality issues such as weld lines, air traps and other visual defects almost immediately.

Employee satisfaction – employees appreciate the company’s investment in their development.

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