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New ROI iPad App For Injection Molders

For Immediate Release – April 8, 2013


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Paulson Training Programs Introduces NEW ROI Calculator iPAad App For Injection Molders

Chester, CT (April 8, 2013) . . . Paulson Training Programs has announced the release of a new iPad app called the “Paulson Training Payback Calculator” that allows injection molders to see the actual dollar value benefits of their training investment. This gives molders the ability to easily see inside the numbers of their injection molding operation from a profit/loss perspective.

 Injection Molding ROI AppThe app allows the user to plug-in “actual” vs. “quoted” parameters for their molding jobs. The app then uses an algorithm to immediately calculate the profit change with different cycle times, reject rates, and up-time. It gives the user an easy way to quickly see the magnitude of gains or losses from otherwise seemingly miniscule changes in cycle time; for instance, it points out that just one second of cycle time saved can be worth over $50k in profit.  The app is also available online for those without access to an iPad at

“This app is an incredibly useful, easy to use tool that can help your company quickly determine if it is losing profits due to inefficiency on the production floor,” said Craig Paulson, President of Paulson Training Programs. “These inefficiencies are often caused by misunderstandings and undertraining of employees.”

“Training can and usually will eliminate these inefficiencies and get a company closer to its quoted profits,” he said.  “When this new app is used to measure production numbers before and after training, most of our customers have said that the ROI of training their employees exceeds their expectations.”

You can find the Paulson Training Payback Calculator app in the Apple iTunes App Store or on Paulson Training’s website, by clicking here.



Headquartered in Chester, Connecticut, Paulson Training Programs provides a broad range of in-plant interactive courses, world-wide e-learning solutions and Paulson expert-led seminars to help injection molders, extrusion companies, blow molders, part designers and many other plastics professionals in the industry grow and compete on a global scale. It has always been our goal to provide convenient, high-quality, and affordable training solutions while utilizing the latest technology.

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  1. Can I know what is Quoted Up Time and actual up time? The calculator is good to understand if we are making a profit on a molded part. Thank you for sharing

    1. I’m assuming you are referring to our injection molding ROI calculator. Quoted up-time is the percent of productive machine time that you are assuming will be maintained throughout the molding job. It is important because if you do not maintain your quoted up-time, the job will run longer. The longer it runs, the lower your profit. Actual up-time is just the actual percent of productive machine time that the molding job actually ran. Ideally, these numbers should be the same.

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