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New! Injection Molding Virtual Seminar: ProMolder Problem Solving

Solve Plastic Part Defects with Paulson’s New ProMolder Problem Solving Seminar.

Gain valuable injection molding troubleshooting skills in Paulson’s brand new virtual seminar designed to train production personnel to recognize and analyze injection molded part problems and defects from a scientific molding point of view. 

In this 4-day, live-streaming class, Paulson’s instructors will teach injection molders, mold designers, and part designers how to identify and correct 11 of the most common and costly molded part problems: Voids, Sink Marks, Short Shots, Flash, Weld (Knit) Lines, Splay (Silver Streaks), Jetting, Burn Marks, Warp, Cracks and Part Breakage, and Controlling Molded Part Dimensions.

Interactive Lab Lessons Included

In addition, each participant will be tasked to solve specific part problems in a hands-on, interactive lab lesson using Paulson’s powerful injection molding machine simulation tool SimTech.  You’ll optimize set-ups, learn to adjust specific machine control settings based on the four plastic variables, and calculate material ratios for optimum design solutions.  

Learn and connect with our instructor in real time and gain key analytical and troubleshooting skills necessary to efficiently and successfully produce the best parts. A simple, cost-effective, yet powerful way to build skills. Check out the class schedules here.  #BeSkillsReady!

Need Something More Self-paced?

If scheduling a live-streaming classroom seminar doesn’t work for your schedule, check out Paulson’s online version with multiple self-paced lessons. The online course is called, “Injection Molded Part Problems and Solutions” and more details can be found here. Paulson has a whole library of comprehensive technical training courses to help you achieve plastics training goals. Need help deciding which is best? Speak to one of our knowledgeable training specialists today. We’ll help you get started.



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