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New “How The Best Injection Molders Make Money” DVD Available From Paulson

For Immediate Release – June 11, 2013


Craig Paulson, President, Paulson Training Programs
Tel: +1-800-826-1901

New “How The Best Injection Molders Make Money” DVD From Paulson Training Programs Shows How To Make a Profit In The Molding Business

Chester, CT (June 11, 2013) . . . Paulson Training Programs has announced the introduction of a new informational DVD entitled “How The Best Injection Molders Make Money”.” The DVD helps molders understand how profit is won or lost on the production floor, and what makes one plant more profitable than another.injection molding economics

With both visual and audio explanations of the fundamental concepts behind the profit vs. loss concepts of a normal injection molding facility, the DVD is a quick, easy to understand crash course in economic success. The video takes viewers through the main working factors at molding plants that impact profit. With charts, graphs, and Paulson’s ROI calculator, the viewer is walked through how underperforming on any of these factors impacts cost, and how many compensatory production minutes are necessary to recover that lost value.

The DVD offers a compelling case for providing adequate worker training. It lays out clearly the common issues that reduce profits at every molding plant, and explains the most practical solution: increasing technical molding knowledge at all levels. By educating and training personnel at all levels, everyone at the plant can become a problem solver.

“The top three nominees for the Plastics News ‘Processor of the Year’ award for 2012 were all Paulson Training Programs customers, and the winner, Hoffer Plastics, has been a Paulson customer for over 25 years,” said Craig Paulson, President of Paulson Training Programs. “Our training works, and we believe that this DVD provides a lot of very good but not widely known information on how to be profitable in the molding business.”

Special note: We no longer offer the DVD but Molders can request a video link by filling out the “Contact Us” form or by calling 1-800-826-1901.

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