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New Extrusion Seminar Announced – ProEx 1 Certification

For Immediate Release – May 23, 2014


Craig Paulson, President, Paulson Training Programs
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Paulson Training Programs New Extrusion Seminar for 2014 – ProEx 1 Certification Seminar

Chester, CT (May 23, 2014) . . . Paulson Training Programs has announced a brand new seminar for the extrusion manufacturing industry called ProEx 1. This new 4-day seminar features in-depth training on all aspects of the extrusion process starting with the plastic raw material and ending at the output end of the extrusion die.

The 2014 Schedule for ProEx 1 is:

  • July 22, 2014 – July 25, 2014                                 Charlotte, NC
  • September 9, 2014  – September 12, 2014          Los Angeles, CA
  • October, 14 2014   – October 17, 2014                 Cincinnati, OH

ProEx 1 is designed for all levels of personnel in the extrusion plant from the extrusion operator to extrusion engineer, novice or seasoned veteran.  ProEx 1 is also for any extrusion company regardless of the product being manufactured – vinyl siding, pipes and tubing, wire coating, profiled extrusion, automotive trim, etc.

As with all seminars offered by Paulson Training, a scientific approach to the extrusion process is used relying on the Paulson developed and industry proven “4 primary processing variables” approach to plastics manufacturing. Extrusion is taught “from the plastic’s point of view“.

With economic activity in the plastics manufacturing industry growing in 2014, nearly all extrusion companies are experiencing difficulty in getting trained personnel. The result is a shortage of labor which forces companies to compete for the best workers and subsequently drives up wages. By sending their extrusion manufacturing floor personnel to the new ProEx 1 seminar, extrusion manufacturers can “grow their own” experts and not be dependent on the rapidly changing skilled labor market.

“We are excited about the new ProEx 1 Extrusion Certification seminar. It represents the growing demand by companies looking for verifiable knowledge and skills in the plastics extrusion industry”, said Craig Paulson, President of Paulson Training Programs. “Paulson certified ProEx 1 extrusion graduates are an elite, educated group that is positioned to make significant positive impacts on their companies’ performance and enhance overall productivity. Every extrusion company can benefit from our popular, vendor-neutral, industry standard seminars.”


Headquartered in Chester, Connecticut, Paulson Training Programs provides a broad range of in-plant interactive courses, world-wide e-learning solutions and Paulson expert-led seminars to help injection molders, extrusion companies, blow molders, part designers and many other plastics professionals in the industry grow and compete on a global scale. It has always been our goal to provide convenient, high-quality, and affordable training solutions while utilizing the latest technology.


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