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Longtime Paulson Customer Hoffer Plastics Wins Plastics News Processor of the Year Award

Hoffer PlasticsHoffer Plastics of Elgin, IL won the prestigious Plastic’s News Processor of the Year award. The award was presented at PN’s annual Executive Forum held in Tampa, Fl March 3-6.

Paulson is proud to be Hoffer’s plastics processing training provider. Our relationship with Hoffer goes back many years and we can say confidently that Hoffer does it right when it comes to employee training.

Of course to win Processor of the Year, a company has to do a lot of things right. But much of it starts with having a highly trained and skilled workforce that can keep the injection molding production floor running smoothly, get problems solved quickly and make the highest quality injection molded parts at the lowest cost.

We’ve written about it numerous times here but it is worth restating… Plastics processors that train best, perform best. It’s a pretty simple formula and one we see play out over and over with our customers.

Of course we think Paulson is your best training investment, however you need to be comfortable with whichever training method you use. One thing is for certain when it comes to training – do something. Something is always better than nothing when improving employee skills.

The entire Plastics News Executive Forum was dedicated to the theme of Plastics Industry Workforce Development. One of the major takeaways from many of the attendees that we talked to, whether they where injection molders, extrusion plants, extrusion blow molders,  was that they need to get a training program started. There were plenty of stories from all plastics processing sectors that have implemented formal training over the past few years that are seeing excellent results from their investment.

One very telling question that was asked using the audience response system was “Given the advances in technology in the plastics industry, do you see a need for more training or less in the coming years?”. Fully 81% of the attendees answered “More”.

Buying the latest in plastics machinery and control technology can only take you so far. You don’t need a $10,000 computer if all you know how to do is write a letter.

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