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Karen Paulson Adds Her Voice to the “Voices of Resin” in SPE’s ANTEC PlastChicks Podcast

Did you know that if Karen Paulson, president of Paulson Training Programs, were a plastic material she would be Polystyrene? When asked, “why,” by PlastChick’s hosts Lynzie Nebel and Mercedes Landazuri in a recent live interview, Karen responded with, “Polystyrene is a very versatile material and is used in a lot of different things.” 

Not surprising that Polystyrene would be Karen’s choice, since one could characterize her career at Paulson as being very versatile and adaptable. In the 45 minute interview, as part of SPE’s ANTEC2020 virtual edition, Karen and the PlastChick hosts covered an array of processing topics that included Karen turning the tables on the hosts by challenging the two to name the “four plastic variables”. Give the podcast a listen here and see how they answered and learn a little more about what’s new with Paulson, how Karen is leading the Paulson team during the pandemic in an effort to continue providing value to Paulson customers, and what her big passion is.  Let us know what you think. Happy listening.

PlastChicks is an SPE sponsored Podcast.


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