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Improving Plastic Processors’ Workforce, Sales and Marketing Performance

iso quality standard for plasticsGet ISO compliant through Paulson Training Programs with a Certificate of Compliance. We have partnered with the leading plastics industry specific ISO certification firm to bring you all levels of ISO certification at affordable prices.

The cost of implementing any ISO system for plastics processors should be affordable for any size injection molder, extrusion company, blow molder or any company that makes plastic parts. ISO certification should be value-added with a return on investment from day one. It can be when it is done right. ISO done right results in increase sales and market share, higher customer confidence and retention and reduced internal and external costs.

We streamline the ISO process by aligning and integrating your own management systems with the related ISO management system requirements. This also includes documentation development and help with manuals, procedures and work instructions.

How It Works

Whether you are looking to implement ISO or you are already ISO third-party certified with the wall plaque, ask yourself if your certification is really improving your business financially. Are you bogged down with third-party documentation, 2 inch thick manuals, 5+ page procedures and top-down communication at a stand-still? Let us help with our 1 day visit to see what you have and make your ISO a profitable proposition. For $750.00 plus travel expenses, we will conduct a company audit and benchmark operations to identify and quantify opportunities. Our Profit/Lost Spreadsheet quickly calculates your margin of profit (or loss) and the pay back time required to make any improvements.

iso for plastics industry

The principles of ISO provide the framework to build and grow your business. ISO certification is a necessary step toward improving manufacturing and front office efficiency. However, if you look at it only as a task to be completed, you won’t truly realize all the potential for process improvement. The principles of ISO must become a part of your company’s culture.

The intent of ISO is to develop procedures for problem solving, procedures for maximizing plant and front office efficiency, increasing sales and market presence, making a profit, and maintaining cash on hand. If your ISO is not addressing the above standards, in addition to the standards listed below, we should talk.

  • Confidentiality agreements between company, suppliers and customers are mandated
  • Streamlining Documentation created by third-party registrars “one system-off the shelf-fits all”
  • Business Measures: Financial measures (ROI)
  • Quality measures (scrap, rework, returns)
  • Customer measures (customer feedback, surveys)
  • Productivity measures (yield-trends)
  • Workforce measures (team building, employee & management motivation)
  • Market measurers (increased customer base, customer satisfaction, customer perception)
  • Vendor measures (supplier scorecard)

The Bottom Line – Partner with an ISO Expert who knows the plastics industry and your business

Our ISO support provides financial management with a better understanding of current operations. The result is a much more accurate measure of the status and effectiveness of the organization, as well as greater transparency of operations. Internal controls are accurately monitored and documented. A compliant system of internal control ensures achievement of the three (Section 404) Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) objectives:

  1. Effectiveness and efficiency of operations
  2. Reliability of financial reporting
  3. Compliance with laws and regulations

Internal controls also consist of five interrelated components:

  1. The control environment
  2. Information and communication
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Monitoring
  5. Control activities

ISO Certification Costs:

Initial visit for Business Survey, SWOT and Gap analysis is $750.00 plus travel expenses.

1. ISO 9001 Quality System implementation (improving sales, market share and the financials) and certification is $6,500.00; timeline is 3 months, plus travel expenses.

  • Upgrade to ISO/TS 16949, add $2,000.00
  • Upgrade to ISO 13485, add $2,000.00

2. ISO 14001 Environmental System implementation (cost savings and community stewardship) and certification is $4,000.00; timeline is 3 months, plus travel expenses.

3. OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Auditing System implementation (improving safety) and certification is $4,000.00; timeline is 3 months, plus travel expenses.

A Certificate of Compliance will be presented at the conclusion of each implementation. Six Month Surveillance Audit is $1,500.00 (includes all up-to-date training tools). Lean Concepts and Six Sigma training are FREE with the above.

References are available upon request.


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