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Every injection molding plant needs at least one expert troubleshooter. But too often, a plant has only one (or a few) really good “Go To” troubleshooters who can fix part defects and other molding problems. The training in The Expert Troubleshooter bundle will immediately give your company the ability to train as many expert troubleshooters as you need, on a continuous basis.

Employees who make it through to our Expert Troubleshooter level are the true cream of the crop of injection molding experts. They approach molding “from the plastic’s point of view”. They know how each machine control affects the plastic conditions, the plastic’s behavior and the finished part properties – in that order. They not only fix problems, they fix them as efficiently as possible and keep your output and quality as high as possible.

Recommended For: Entry Level Personnel, All Personnel

Length: 64 – 76 Hours of Training

Language: English and Spanish

Lessons Included:

SkillCheck Assessment
When training new injection molding machine operators or standardizing training for your current operators, it is important to know what their current knowledge and skill levels are. That is what SkillCheck for machine operators does for you. Give your operators the assessment and you will know their areas of strength and weakness and have a baseline to measure their training progress.

Injection Molding Fundamentals (3-4 hours)
This course introduces new hires to the injection molding process. Some of the topics covered include basic operation of the injection molding machine and secondary equipment, safety on the injection molding production floor and around your molding machines, plus the fast and accurate identification of part defects . This course will teach your personnel production efficiency, safety and teamwork.

Practical Injection Molding Basics (10-12 hours)
Once your employees understand Injection Molding Fundamentals, the next step in their training is to explore in more detail the injection molding process. Topics covered in the Practical Injection Molding Basic module include the behavior of the plastic materials during molding, a more detailed look at how the injection molding machine operates, parts and operation of the different types of molds and an explanation of the important machine controls. The concept of molding “from the plastic’s point of view” is also introduced.

SkillBuilder™ Simulator Lab Lessons for Basic Module (6-8 hours)
The interactive training lessons in Practical Injection Molding Basic Module teach the how and why. During these lessons, there will be SkillBuilder™ lab lessons introduced which help the trainee bridge the gap between watching an injection molding machine and running an injection molding machine. This creates the critical link between learning and doing. SkillBuilder allows you to do this without wasting expensive machine time, risking damage to the machine, the mold, and without compromising safety.

Practical Injection Molding – Optimizing Controls Module (6-8 hours)
Optimizing the molding cycle for maximum productivity and profit is arguably one of the most valuable skills a professional molder can learn. The ability to shave a second off of cycle time, reduce downtime and improve quality with lower material usage should be a top priority for the key people on your production floor. This course teaches the molder how to completely control the process.

SkillBuilder™ Simulator Lab Lessons for Optimizing Controls (2-3 hours)
A key part of learning to optimize the machine control settings is to actually do it. Unfortunately, practicing on a real machine is expensive. Our SkillBuilder™ lab lessons in the Optimizing Controls module let you adjust temperatures, times, pressures, injection speeds and all the other variables you have on your real machines. This kind of training is only available through SkillBuilder simulation.

Practical Injection Molding – Expert Module (10-12 hours)
Expert level knowledge is vital to your success in today’s injection molding environment. This means a commitment to developing an in-house system for training the best molders possible. The Expert Module builds in-depth understanding of the molding process. In short, it teaches the best of scientific molding from the plastic’s point of view.

Injection Molding Part Problems and Solutions (12-15 hours)
This course uses all of the training taught in previous courses and SkillBuilder™ lab lessons to teach expert molders the best troubleshooting techniques for solving the most common molding defects. A scientific, systematic troubleshooting method using the 4 variables and “from the plastic’s point of view” as the foundation is applied to the following molded part defects: Voids, Sink Marks, Short Shots, Flash, Weld lines (Knit Lines), Splay (Silver Streaks), Jetting, Burn Marks, Warp, Cracks and Part Breakage and Controlling Molded Part Dimensions. The course teaches not just the “how” of solving these defects, but the “why” as well. This gives your molders the tools to quickly find the most economical solutions to any part defect.

SkillBuilder™ Simulator Lab Lessons for for Problems and Solutions Course (5-6 hours)
The SkillBuilder™ lab lessons for the Problems and Solutions training program are some of the most important in the SkillBuilder™ library. Learning to fix molded part defects requires you to have a defect in the first place. But who has the time or money to mold bad parts and let your employees practice solving them. Only with our advanced injection molding simulation technology can you create part defects and let employees practice solving them using a variety of methods. There are usually many ways to solve any particular molding part defect, but only one that is most efficient. Simulation lets trainees explore various problem solving options without costing you time or money.

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Very informative. You will understand how material affects molding!

Cynthia Miller

“Great, excellent, easy-to-use, interesting, challenging, engaging, organized, informative, helpful, solutions oriented, accurate, effective, flexible, confidence building and worthwhile.”

John W. Stebelton
LDM Technologies, Inc.

“Paulson has built confidence, a sense of accomplishment & pride in our workers, something they can take to the floor and apply!”

Gene Shuret
Florida Production Engineering

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