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Injection Molding Management Tip # 1: Employee Attitudes

Periodically, we will be sharing tips for plastics processors. Sometimes they are oriented towards employee training issues and productivity. Other times they will be targeted to more technical subjects. Either way, implementing any or all of them will benefit your company. The reason is all of these tips are either taught in our training of systems that our customers have successfully used in their own operations with positive results. If you have any tips or suggestions that you have found working well in your plant and don’t mind sharing them, you can email us at

Molding Management Tip # 1: Employee Attitudes







The results a recent study of employee attitudes in a molding plant was surprising. Some 40 percent of employees said they would not want to be promoted to a more responsible supervisor job even if it was offered. Reasons given?

    • Would have to oversee their buddies and could lose friendships.
    • Interested, but don’t have enough knowledge.
    • Comfortable with what I’m doing now.
    • Don’t want the responsibility

What to do to change these attitudes? Not much you can do for people who place friendships with co-workers above a promotion.

The other 3 come down to lack of knowledge skills on the injection molding production floor. An employee with more knowledge gains confidence with that knowledge. This translates into not only more comfort with what they are currently doing, but in most cases, a desire to increase their knowledge and following that, a desire to have more responsibility and move up the ladder.

Knowledge is a powerful motivator. You may meet some resistance initially to a comprehensive knowledge and skill injection molding training programs, but it will pay off in the long run in the form of a more involved workforce, higher morale and of course, increased productivity and profit.

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