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Interactive Online Training


Goals of this Course:
Sheet Extrusion Technology provides an overview of sheet extrusion technology ranging from parts and operation, to controlling plastic flow in the die, to troubleshooting the sheet extrusion line, and is designed to be used in conjunction with our 9-lesson single screw extrusion course.

Course Description: A comprehensive seven lesson interactive online training program designed specifically for the training needs of the sheet extrusion plant. Designed to be used in conjunction with our nine lesson single screw extrusion program. Personnel from machine operators through process engineers will find valuable information to help make their work and the sheet extrusion process more efficient.

Recommended For: Set-up Personnel, Machine Operators, Production Supervisors, Process Engineers, Extrusion Technicians

Length: 7 Lessons – 12-14 Hours of Training

Language: English and Spanish

Lessons Included:

Lesson 1 – The Sheet Extrusion Line: Parts and Operation
Lesson 2 – Sheet Extrusion Dies
Lesson 3 – Controlling Plastic Flow in the Die
Lesson 4 – Plastic Behavior in the Sheet Extrusion Line
Lesson 5 – Pre-Start, Start-up, and Steady-State Operating Procedures
Lesson 6 – Safety and Shutdown Procedures
Lesson 7 – Troubleshooting the Sheet Extrusion Line

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The Paulson extrusion program is making our employees more efficient and their troubleshooting skills are improving!

Yvette Matthews

We operate 24 hours a day and the Paulson Interactive courses allow us to train all employees around our busy production schedule — without stopping machines!

Gerald Galloway

The thing that I like most about using the training programs from Paulson is the flexibility of them. If an extruder operator has some down time, they can take a lesson and come back without interrupting their work schedule. Also, as problems come up, we use the training to find solutions to our specific problems.

Paul Bowen
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