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Goals of this Course:

  • Learn the detail of individual components of the Davis-Standard Plasticating Extruder, what they look like and how they operate
  • Understand how plastic travels through the single screw extruder
  • Learn about the control of plastic melting, flow and pressure in the extruder
  • Examine the effects of temperature, pressure and machine design on the material
  • Explore ways to optimize control settings on the Davis-Standard Single Screw Extruder

Course Description: This program, designed with Davis-Standard, discusses the plasticating extruder and the characteristics and behaviors of plastics for extrusion.

With this program, your personnel will learn the latest Davis-Standard single screw extruder technology using Paulson’s proven interactive training expertise. This state-of-the-art program features full motion video, text, audio and 3-D graphic animation. Personnel will learn plastic behavior and how to maximize the productivity and efficiency of the Davis-Standard extruder.

In 2 lessons (more than 4 hours of training) employees will learn the components of the Davis-Standard extruder, how plastic travels through the barrel and how to optimize the extrusion process.

The program is an introduction to the fundamentals of single screw technology and provides all the knowledge that your personnel will need in order to make informed decisions on the production floor.

Recommended For: Extruder Operators, Material Handlers,
Set-up Personnel, and Production Supervisors

Length: 2 Lessons – 2 Hours of Training

Language: English

Lessons Included:

Lesson 1 – The Plasticating Extruder

  • Part I – Parts of the Single Screw Extruder
  • Part II – The Drive Motor
  • Part III – The Hopper
  • Part IV – The Feed Throat
  • Part V – The Single Screw
  • Part VI – The Extruder Barrel
  • Part VII – The Screen Pack/Breaker Plate/Adapter/Die

Lesson 2 – The Characteristics and Behavior of Plastics for Extrusion

  • Part I – The Characteristics of Plastics for Extrusion
  • Part II – Plastic Behavior in the Single Screw Extruder
  • Part III – Operating Variables That Affect the Plastic Behavior
  • Part IV — Conclusion

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The Paulson extrusion program is making our employees more efficient and their troubleshooting skills are improving!

Yvette Matthews
Interlux, Inc.

We operate 24 hours a day and the Paulson Interactive courses allow us to train all employees around our busy production schedule — without stopping machines!

Gerald Galloway
Vinylex Corporation

The thing that I like most about using the training programs from Paulson is the flexibility of them. If an extruder operator has some down time, they can take a lesson and come back without interrupting their work schedule. Also, as problems come up, we use the training to find solutions to our specific problems.

Paul Bowen

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