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Electric Injection Molding Machines – Don’t Forget Injection Molding Fundamentals

Electric injection molding machines now account for well over 50% of new machine sales. They are cleaner, offer more precise control, are becoming very energy efficient and have the potential, when used correctly, to lower cycle times.

electric molding machine trainingWe are seeing more and more injection molding plants moving to “all electric”. This is particularly true in the medical field. We recently installed several training programs, including our Electric Injection Molding Machine course at a 40 machine, “all electric” medical molder.

While there is no doubt that special training is needed to run electric machines at their peak efficiency (which is what our interactive electric molding machine course teaches), it is important to remember one thing…

For nearly 40 years now, Paulson Training has been teaching molding as a science (“Scientific Molding”). We’ve been the pioneer is teaching production floor personnel to view the “4 basic processing variables – heat, pressure, flow and cooling”). Also for the past 40 years or so, we have been teaching molders to view the process from “The Plastics Point of View”.

The plastic does not know or care that your machine is electric. So while specialized training on electrics is needed, it is also important (probably even more important) that your people understand the fundamentals of injection molding. Our industry standard Practical Injection Molding is where they learn those fundamentals.

So enjoy those new electric presses, but remember they are just machines. You still need personnel who can make good parts, regardless of the machines. That comes down to understanding molding from “The Plastics Point of View”.

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