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Paulson Names 2022 SimTech Injection Molding Challenge Winners

Announcing the DECEMBER SimTech™ Molding Challenge Winners and the Overall Injection Molder of the Year!

Congratulations to Andrea Bicola of Draexlmaier Automotive of America! He is the new SimTech™ Injection Molding TOP MOLDER!

He successfully unseated Alexandru Crai, our previous champion. Andrea expertly topped the charts with his winning accumulated scores at a stunning total of 810! Well done Andrea!
And to add to the awesome win, Draexlmaier Automotive of America is the winning COMPANY. This team earned every bit and clearly know their molding!
Congratulations to all who participated. These molding challenges are not for the light hearted.

Now, for the Results of the December SimTech™ 2022 Injection Molding Challenge 

First Place goes to Tony Bukta, Toyota Boshaku, for the INDIVIDUAL category, and First Place goes to Draexlmaier Automotive of America for the COMPANY spotlight category.

Congratulations Winners!

December 2022 SimTech™ Challenge Wrap Up

As a reminder, we introduced a NEW Champions Leaderboard to showcase the elite Molders in our SimTech Challenges. Once you’ve won first place in the Individual category you move over to the Champions Leaderboard to see how you fare against some pretty tough competition. Congratulations to Tony Bukta, Toyota Boshaku who earned First Place. For future challenges, if he earns a winning score, he will be added to the Champions Leaderboard.

NEW Champions Leaderboard Winners: These are individuals who have earned First Place in previous month’s challenges and now enjoy elite status. Their scores will be added to this leaderboard going forward. This month, the winners include:

  • 1st place – 2022 MOLDING CHAMPION – Andrea Bricola, Draexlmaier Automotive of America –  99.84
  • 2nd  place – Alexandru Crai, OMS Besser Grou –  99.80
  • 3rd place – Johnny Ash, Preformed Line Products –  99.71

Company Team Winners: These are companies who have three or more employees participating, and for this month, the top three winning companies include:

  • First Place: Draexlmaier Automotive of America, with a companywide average score of 99.60
  • Second Place: Quad 4 Plastics, with a companywide average score of 98.54
  • Third Place: Plastikon, with a companywide average score of 95.98

Congratulations to our individual winners and company winners and to all who participated. Well done!

Individual Winners

  • 1st place –Tony Bukta, Toyota Boshaku   – 99.84
  • 2nd  place – Richard Girard, Edgewell –  99.82
  • 3rd place – Austin Haycraft, Plastikon –  99.80

Here’s the winning set-up for the December 2022 Molding Challenge. We’re featuring Tony Bukta’s winning set-up, our First Place winner for December! Congratulations Tony!

To learn more about our monthly SimTech Molding Challenges visit details hereTo see how you or your fellow molders ranked this month, check out the leader board by clicking here and select a month from the drop down menu.

As always, we’ll be announcing the overall 2022 ProMolder Champion after we tally all the scores from the entire year. Start earning scores!

In the meantime, get ready for the next month’s challenge! Take advantage and pre-signup. Don’t miss out. Get on the list to win! Until then, keep on learning!

Having Fun with our Competitions?

Imagine the team of skilled molders you could create if SimTech was in your plant 24-7? Your employees could be improving their molding expertise in a safe, low-cost environment, building critical thinking and troubleshooting skills. And you can stage your own friendly in-house competitions.  It’s proven, molding simulation is the best and most cost-effective way to become a better molder. You don’t want your employees making their mistakes or trying new techniques on the production floor at an actual machine—now that’s a costly way to learn. The simulation of complex processes is quickly becoming the gold standard of skill development. SimTech is the answer for injection molding.

Here’s just a few of the applications you can employ with SimTech:

Hiring Qualified Employees – Before hiring a potential employee, test their knowledge and skills with problem solving exercises in Simtech.

Technician Promotion – Give your candidates for promotion a test before you make that decision.

In-plant Competitions to promote learning and discussion – Have your own competitions amongst your team. Have a discussion on what process settings work and why.

To learn more about SimTech and all the other skill development courses Paulson offers, visit or call 1-800-826-1901; or contact us via email

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