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Case Study – Injection Molding Training Done Right

injection molding trainingWhat is the most effective way to assure success in executing a business strategy?

Smart plastic’s industry executives know that “re-inventing the wheel” ain’t it. No matter what the problem or situation, it is almost certain that someone or some company somewhere has faced it and successfully solved and/or executed it already. There just aren’t that many truly unique problems left.

If you’re on the fence about starting a formal structured injection molding training program, it probably comes down to one or more people who write the checks simply not being convinced of the ROI an investment in your employees generates. What other reason could there be? They’re not convinced that training “works”.

That’s OK. In fact, most of our thousands of customers over the past 35 years thought that exact same thing, at first. When Paulson Training started, convincing managers of the value that a trained injection molding (or extrusion, or blow molding) workforce brought to their company was difficult. Times have changed. Managers today are much more open to the concept of implementing a “training system”, much like any of the other systems a plastics manufacturer relies on every day.

But they still want training ROI information on which to base their decision (and they should). Which brings us back to the idea of executing successful business strategies.

If you are an injection molding company, you need only look at other injection molding companies that have successfully implemented training systems and are enjoying the benefits (and profits) they produce, to see what you should be doing.

Trademark Plastics is a long time Paulson customer that frankly, does everything right when it comes to injection molding training. You need to read how they have implemented employee training so you can better understand how a real commitment to training works. They live workforce development and injection molding training day-in and day-out. Their success is no accident.

When you study a company like Trademark Plastics, you are simply leveraging other injection molding manager’s experience to arrive at and implement the correct decision to train all your injection molding production personnel. It’s a road map to successful and very profitable employee training.

And of course, this principle applies to any plastics process… extrusion, blow molding, compounding, thermoforming, etc.

Become successful by modeling success. It works. Just ask the folks at Trademark Plastics.

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