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Are You Investing In Success or Just Buying “Injection Molding Training”?

injection molding training roiWe had a conference call recently with a major injection molding company, one of the largest in the country. The purpose of the call was to answer their questions about what injection molding training they needed for various levels of personnel, how to implement that training, what do other Paulson customers do or not do that they could learn from – basically questions on how to get training done right.

What this company now understands (with a little help), is that they are not buying “training”. They are buying increased productivity. They are buying faster cycle times and fewer rejects. They are buying more safety and less downtime. They are buying a proven system that allows them to create skilled workers on-demand. What all this adds up to is an investment in success.

When a company understands this (and this applies equally to 10 machine shops or 100 machine injection molders), it changes the way they approach their whole business.

For this injection molder, the driving force behind their employee training initiative is the skilled labor shortage in the plastics industry. They simply cannot find enough qualified people. They are going to grow their own. This is a smart move. They also recognize that job functions on the production floor do not need to fit into neat, organized compartments. They plan on cross-training employees. This gives them far more capability and flexibility.

All of this is made possible because they’ll have a training system in place. The lowest cost training is not what they are looking for, because they understand it is not training they are buying. It is success. And you cannot buy success at a discount.

It is long-term thinking and strategic workforce development planning that will surely pay off for years to come. Plastics processors that approach employee training with this mindset make many times their investment within a relatively short time frame. Our customers typically make far more money by doing business with us than we make by doing business with them. And that is exactly the way it should be. The value proposition on investing in your injection molding workforce should be at least 10 to 1. We provide that and usually much more.

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