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Want to see all the 2019 Challenges? You can find them on this page. As each monthly challenge closes they will be posted here for your benefit.

The Paulson SimTech™Injection Molding Challenges are a series of monthly challenges testing your knowledge of injection molding using the world’s most advanced injection molding simulator – SimTech™.


Closed SimTech™ Challenges
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APRIL Challenge


SCENARIO – For this challenge, you are molding a square cover which is 6.500” x 6.500” plus or minus 0.005″.  The plastic you are using is Polystyrene on a 300 ton machine. Your part has flash, burnmarks, and is out of dimension. The standard (quoted) cycle time for this job is 14 seconds. The part tolerance for this job is  ±.005.

The mold maker for this part made a mistake. The cavity length was made 0.005″ oversized. In the molding plant, the molder knew how to set the molding conditions that compensated for the error. He was able to mold this part to within 6.500″ and 6.505″. Can you?

CHALLENGE – You must solve the part problems and then improve the cycle. Try to get the highest efficiency score you can. But remember, you do not get a score unless all the part problems are solved.

BONUS – A 2% bonus will be added to your score if the melt temperature is within 2 degrees fahrenheit of the front zone barrel temperature.

NOTE: Only make one control change at a time and then click the “Cycle” button to see the effects of that particular control change. This is the best practice to follow when making any control changes whether it be in Simtech or on an actual molding machine. Also note, part problem bars, will be in red, and are located on the right side of the computer screen.

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