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Advantages of All-Electric Injection Molding Machines – Part 2

electric injection molding machinesLet’s continue our discussion of the advantages of electric injection molding machines over their hydraulic counterparts.

Many injection molding jobs today require clean rooms. This is particularly true in medical molding as well as the food industry. Clean room requirements are also growing in the automotive field. Electric injection molding machines offer the ideal solution for any clean room application. Obviously the most important advantage is the absence of hydraulic oil and all of the machine components that must be used on hydraulic molding machines. All-electric injection molding machines have been very popular with all clean room molders since their introduction and that trend will continue and accelerate.

Another major advantage of electric machines is lower overall operating costs. Regardless of the size of the electric molding machine, a molding plant can expect an electric machine to use 50% to 80% less energy than an equivalent sized hydraulic injection molding machine. That is a very important savings when you consider that power is always a significant expense for molders.

In addition, the connected power costs of an electric machine are roughly 25% lower that hydraulic machines.

We’ve talked about lower per part costs, lower operating costs, higher accuracy, repeatability and consistency and of course, all-electric injection molding machines being ideal for the growing clean room needs of several industries. If your company is already running electric machines, you are on the right track. If you have not yet joined the all-electric molding machine movement, the time will come in the near future to become familiar with them.

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