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"They have built confidence, a sense of accomplishment & pride in our workers, something they can take to the floor and apply!"

Gene Shuret, Process Engineer — Flordia Production Engineering

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Welcome to the Paulson Plastics Academy. PPA is the division of Paulson Training Programs devoted to in-person , hands-on training. We offer off-site and on-site instructor led, vendor-neutral certification seminars that teach the fundamentals and advanced topics of injection molding. The number of Plastics Academy graduates grows by hundreds each year. Now is the time for you to be counted among the elite group of injection molding professionals who have received their Paulson ProMolder™ Certification!


Paulson Plastics Academy











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What’s Involved

  • Hours of virtual hands-on machine time combined with our exclusive SimTech process simulation program and classroom instruction to give participants the ability to:
  • Understand processing from “The Plastic’s Point of View”
  • Quickly improve knowledge and skills in the science of injection molding
  • Paulson Certification

    Minimize production errors and downtime

  • Dramatically increase production floor problem-solving ability
  • Maximize profit with the most efficient set-up operation possible
  • All training is “vendor-neutral”. It makes no difference what machines, process controls or auxiliary equipment your plant operates

Paulson ProMolder™ 1 and Paulson ProMolder™ 2 result in Paulson Certification upon successful completion

Available Courses: Data Driven Molding Paulson ProMolder 1 Paulson ProMolder 2Managing a Molding Plant